September 12th, 2004

rephlex иногда просто поражает :)

NEW ORDER: Acid House Mixes by 808 State (1988) 12" (REPHLEX) $7.99

Previously unreleased remixes from 1988 by Graham Massey, Gerald Simpson and Martin Price! Never really intended as a proper release, but now finally made available. Features 808 State remixes of "Blue Monday" and "Confusion". "Originally recorded for 808 State's live performances in Manchester during the early days of acid house, these two versions of the classic New Order tracks were dug up from the vaults and are now available on vinyl for the first time ever. Apart from being lost acid classics, the tracks provide a glimpse into the burgeoning acid house scene in its earliest days, of which Graham Massey says 'They were staples because they were easy to programme, and they bought you an extra ten minutes before you got bottled off. There was a lot of hostility to what we were doing early on. Change will always do that."