Nick Zavriev (organickloud) wrote,
Nick Zavriev

best of 2012 :: песни / треки

а теперь дискотека. трековый топ 2012.

20. Santigold “Keepers”

19. Scissor Sisters “Only The Horses”

18. Blawan “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage”

17. The New Division “Kids”

16. Haim “Dont’ Save Me”

15. Little Boots “Headphones” (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

14. Delphic “Good Life”

13. Rocha “Love & Circumstance”

12. Todd Terje “Inspector Norse”

11. Orbital “Where Is it Going”

10. Squarepusher “4001”

9. Vitalic “Fade Away”

8. Mogwai "Letters To The Metro” (Zombi Remix)

7. Chrome Canyon “Memories Of A Scientist”

6. Clark “The Pining Pt2”

5. Lindstrom “Eg-Ged-Osis”

4. Datasette “Don’t”

3. Chailrlift “I Belong In Your Arms” (Japanese Version)

2. The Egg “Electric City”

1. Holy Ghost! “It's Not Over” (Dimitri From Paris EroDiscoMix)

0. (специальный приз) Port-Royal "Rhythm Is A Dancer"

превью не будет, т.к. трек пока не издан :)
Tags: 2012, best of 2012, music
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